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Broiler and Layer Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs and day-old chicks are produced with the greatest care.

Moreover we offer a choice between top varieties, delivered by the best global breeders. For instance, we have Ross 308 and Cobb 500 broiler chickens and ISA Brown, Lohman Brown,Lohman White, Novogen, Hyline, Redneck and Bovans Brown laying hens at our disposal.

Istanbul Food goes for long-term-relationships with its partners. Relations which are based on mutual trust, a close cooperation and thorough quality checks in accordance with global standards, thus you have the advantage of excellent, company produced hatching eggs.

These are collected from a huge pool of top Turkish companies of qualitative hens on professional farms that give priority to quality and performance.

Day-old chicks
All chicks originate from top Turkish hatcheries. In this way, we guarantee the best quality. All of chick hatcheries apply EU presupposed and thorough quality control.

Hatching egg Product specifications:

  • Free from AI, ND, IB, ILT, MS, MG
  • Hatchability: 80 % if set within 1 day after arrival
  • Fertility: 96% .
  • Breakage: maximum 1 %
  • Egg weight: 55-62 gramms

Please feel free to contact us to get a qoute.


بيض المائدة التركي  وبيض التفقيس التركي

تقوم شركتنا اسطنبول للاغذية بتزويد زبائنها ببيض التفقيس, صيصان عمر يوم او بيض المائدة الابيض او الاحمر

بالنسبة لبيض التفقيس الخاص بالفروج اللاحم بامكان زبائننا الكرام الاختيار بين افضل السلالات العالمية روص 308 او كوب 500

اما بالنسبة لبيض التفقيس التركي للدجاج البياض فبامكانكم الاختيار بين افضل السلالات العالمية مثل سلالة لوهمان, ايزا, نوفوجين, هايلاين او سلالة بوفانص

علاقاتنا متينة مع زبائئنا الكرام وتمتد الى فترات طويلة نظرا للكفاءة العالية للبيض المقدم

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